Rezizer works like a reverse proxy on your network, it is faster and stronger. It will automagicly grab the image you informed and process it on the fly, giving you smart thumnbails, size limited output, easy lazy loading content and the hability to create tile content, like you see in Google Maps as easy as paste an URL.

It can detect faces, get the most import area by entropy, extract the color palette in JSON, turn it up side down, add colored bars to distorted images, etc. It's up to your necessity. Oh, did I say it's open source?!

It uses `libvips` to do the nasty job of transform the content, fastly. Lower the size, faster the user will get your page.


Do you like maps?

That map tiles were gerenrated in Rezizer. It was as hard as typing:

It is a simple way to deliver a large image file, by delivering small tiles and giving more detail when required.